Spring 2021 Composting Co-op

I am gong to try something new for this year, which is probably not surprising to you if you follow me. I’m always changing things up.

Introducing the Spring composting co-op. You see, in order to get really good, thermophilic compost, you need a bunch of food all at once to generate some good heat and get the micro-organisms working. I only ever have a bowl full of kitchen scraps (each week) like this:

And those added to a pile will create a cold, slow composting process won’t produce anything for possibly years. Like this:

My goal is to be able to fill at least one of these bins with food scraps:

Then, when it’s done I’ll share the product with those who gave me their kitchen scraps, hence the co-op nature of it.

There are tons of disclaimers with this as it could be a complete and utter disaster, and not work at all, but it’s free for participants so I hope no one is too bummed if it flops. It is also NOT a composting facility. It is just a small (like 20 sf pile) in my garage. If it works, I will split the finished compost between the participants. Even a small amount will add bio-diverse beneficial microbes to your soil, so it’ll be a win-win.

To join in, simply add your email to this link: JOIN HERE

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