As you evolve and become the best version of yourself, the world around you has no choice but to harmonize with the new YOU. You have been on this journey of life and have finally found your Truth. Maybe you have a vision of the person you want to be, and want to align all the areas of your life. I understand. Achieving alignment and harmony in your relationships, your dreams and goals, your physical health and your home are so important, and that’s exactly what I did.

About me…

I went through a spiritual awakening in 2016 and my view of the world shifted. I became aware that I was living out a program from my childhood and upbringing that didn’t work for me anymore. The conditioning from culture and religion caused me to feel trapped and stuck in life, and the cycling of my thoughts kept me there. When I realized I could choose for myself what worked for me, and I could choose what thoughts I gave energy to…. I did, and was free.

On a personal note, I’m first and foremost a mother. I feel so blessed that three beautiful children chose me to be their mother and yet, I have learned so much from them as my teachers. I love to share my journey here, on social media and weaved into my YouTube videos. Things I am passionate about: conscious parenting, mindfulness, permaculture and sustainability, and wrapping that all up into what I call Conscious Living by Design.

I am a registered Architect and Certified Permaculture Design and I help others to live a life of freedom in every sense of the word. I currently live in Massillon, Ohio, was trained as an architect in Tucson, Arizona and have a deep love for the desert. I am a Midwest girl at heart, originally from Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.

I have found so much joy recently doing site design and analysis, food forest design and guilds (permaculture) and niche community planning. I would love to have a conversation with you if you are interested in going deeper on any of these topics or just want to reach out and say hi. Please fill out the contact for HERE to book a call with me.