Site Analysis and Consultation

Amy is available for site analysis and feasibility studies. Optimal location and size of rain water capture and storage? Where is the best place for a garden? How do we reduce our carbon footprint? What are some composting solutions that would work for my property and needs? Contact me today. or (330) 268-1254

Feasibility Studies

Amy is available for architecture and permaculture feasibility studies upon request. Are you wondering if an addition or remodel is right for you? I can help you. Please fill out my contact for HERE for a discovery call.

Home Design Services

Amy is a licensed architect and Certified Permaculture Designer. For design related services, please fill out the request form HERE.

ESG Consulting

As the world is catching on with the sustainability movement, companies are looking for ways to improve their Environmental, Social and Governance standards. I would love to help with that. Contact me today via or (330) 268-1254

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