Are we too lazy to live off-grid?

Do you really want to know the answer to that? Maintaining a homestead is a lot of work… I can’t imagine many people being able to survive off-grid. We are all too consumer and convivence driven. So what are our options?

Live semi off-grid

Or make that your goal, instead of going in with the mindset that you need to do everything yourself right now. Start learning new skills to get you closer to self-sufficiency. I think we should consider being able to be without power for a week or two, and to have enough food and water that we don’t have to go to a grocery store. That’s what I call “semi” off grid preparedness.

Find Your Like-Minded People

The other option I suggest (in the video) is finding your friends and family that you’ll rely on in the event of a world collapse. Here are three steps you probably want to take to make sure you have this group of people in place:

  1. Find your people and make sure they know you’re relying on them and vice versa. I’m considering holding some meet-up groups to help educate and inform people on self-sufficient living. I am hoping to broaden my circle of influence that way.
  2. Communicate a plan incase we lose power or internet. Have directions and addresses in writing.
  3. Have a variety of skillsets and resources. If everyone in your group has chickens, that’s great but you might need to split wood and make a fire. Think through the scenario and make sure you have the basics covered

Here’s a video I created where I share a story and discuss my thought experiment on if we are too lazy to live off-grid.



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