The Architect and The Developer as One

A marriage of equals

I want to paint the picture of how an architect can also be the developer of a project, as well as give you a path for engaging with me if you are a real estate mogul or future client.

When you are in a marriage, as with any other partnership, it is helpful if both parties can contribute to the whole. A developer is someone who creates opportunities, in this case commercial, large scale residential, community developments and more. And an architect is the very first person you will need when seeing these opportunities come to life. Essentially one creates the idea and one takes the action.


The best part about your developer being an architect is there are no boundaries to forward movement. Once you have a plan in place, the architect can take the design concept all the way through construction. You benefit from an all-in-one package.

Equity Partner

Something I am open to, as a real estate investor myself, is having an equity stake in the project. Often times there isn’t money up front to do the schematic design or design development of a project, and having a partner that can defer payment or have an equity stake in the project will be of huge benefit.

Let’s Go

Do you have a project you would like to discuss? Contact me today and we can set up a zoom call asap. I am happy to work with you on any phase of your development project in the US or abroad. Call or text me directly (330) 268-1254 or email me at