3 Tips to be More Self-Sufficient in 2022

I joined Homesteading Family in sharing my three tips for becoming more self-sufficient in 2022.

Tip 1: Set a {S.M.A.R.T.} self-sufficient goal

I set a goal to be self-sufficient so I could live for 30 days without outside consumption of food, water, energy, basic goods and shelter. I am a single mom of three teenagers, so I’m not accustomed to off-grid living or growing my own food but I am learning more and want to be able to have solid back-up plan in the event of a world crisis.

Tip 2: Reduce your Dependency on Supply Chains

This may mean to go to the grocery store less. It may mean you’re no longer buying un-needed crap from Amazon. The idea is that we are seeing more supply chain disruptions everyday and if you are depending on toilet paper to be stocked on the shelves forever… you may need a back up plan. Start out doing a self-assessment. It may also be possible that supply stock of items are low and that drives prices up, so we may not be able to afford the everyday items we are used to piling in our carts at Target. Reduce how much you consume and swap it out for things you grow and make yourself. Give yourself small goals, start grocery shopping once a month or limit how much you eat out. You’ll be surprised how you start saving money too!

Tip 3: Gain skill and Gather Supplies

Spend time this winter learning how to do some of the things you’ve set goals to achieve. If you want to start seeds indoors, learn how now, and when you have extra money then buy the supplies and tools you’ll need. If you focus in 2022 on setting up your garden and starting seeds, you will have lots of veggies in the fall to can and preserve for winter. Now is the time to learn how to do it, not April 17th when you should have your peas in.

Here’s the video I did, I hope you enjoy it and please let me know what you’re interested in learning this year. I am getting a schedule ready to do classes in here the NE Ohio area so check those out. I’ll also make an online version if you’re not local.

Thanks for being here.