Inner Voice Detroit

I enjoyed meeting Jess Lively so much at her Work + Worth event in Detroit in September 2018. In many respects she is my guru, because she triggered my awakening. She gave me permission to air it on my podcast, and I'm so thrilled to share it so all of you too, can benefit from the conversation.

We get into Spiral Dynamics, so make sure to go on and listen to her episode, and follow along on her journey as well at and on Instagram:
She has been a mentor to me through my awakening and it was such an honor to do this work with her. At the end of the episode she shares some wisdom with the group of women present at the recording, and I included it because I thought it was really valuable. I hope you enjoy this episode. lt is lot about religion, and how to interact with the people around you who may not be at the same level of consciousness.


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