2019 Year in Review

Happy 2019 everyone. ? 

My {Messy} Type A self, in years past, has made New Years’ resolutions, I have done a year end review, I have looked back, trying to make corrections and do better. I am a planner, and enjoyed that. But I have realized it no longer serves me. .
What does that mean? It no longer serves me. It means that the purpose it had in my life is no longer needed. I have let it absorb {back} into the ether, evolve out of me, and see it {the pattern, habit or attitude} for what it was.

It was me trying to control. It was living in fear. It was living in the past and wanting more from the future without seeing the gift that this moment offers. It was thinking my purpose in life must be something else.

So do I have hopes and dreams for the new year? Sure, I have so many my heart is full and wouldn’t know where to begin. And so I close my eyes and appreciate today. And wish you so much of the same.

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