What to Expect in December, Banking, Health and Truth

You may not know me very well yet, but I am a wonderful mix of practical and spiritual. Since my spiritual awakening in 2017 where I left dogma in search of truth, I have been on this path and learning more about astrology and how to “apply” it to my life. I wrote a book on my awakening, if you’re curious. Today I’m going to share with you some probabilities (not predictions) that we will experience this month.

December 2021 Astrological themes

Discrepancies in the Media

Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius (New Moon on Dec. 4th): What I think this is about would be the fact that Bill Gates basically owns the media and that many of the news reports are parroted from the Global Elite’s agenda for total control. Federal Reserve hinting at interest rate hike and the stock market responds (almost immediately) in a downturn… everything is SO connected and being used to manipulate people.

Facts and information about health

Full moon in Gemini (Dec 19th) : We are finding out that the vax isn’t that effective as well as what we’re seeing with the fear-mongering related to the new scariant (scare-variant). The Omi strain has not been proven to have any serious effects and yet the media is trying to make it a thing.

Big banking and finance

Also full moon energy, I think this has a lot to do with disclosures around what is actually going on in the financial economy. The way the stock market is being propped up, how the lock downs have affected inflation (if the Fed is being honest).

Stop being fooled and stop fooling yourself (also Full Moon energy)

Are you just reading the headline and accepting what they want you to think? We need to use critical thinking and trust our own intuition. Also, be honest with yourself about how you’re showing up in the world. Are you behaving in alignment with your desires or are you letting your emotions run hot acting impulsively? This could be in relationship, with other drivers on the road, or with your health and fitness goals. When you are not congruent (in alignment) you are not in your power.

Big leaps in personal/spiritual growth (Capricorn Solstice Dec. 21st)

Envision a portal opening and God speaking directly to you. That’s an exaggeration, or is it? The planetary energy at this solstice starts around the 15th of December and ends the 11th of January. How do you tap into your own growth? Be open to connecting to your higher self, your spirit guide, or God, whatever fits your current world view and seek guidance. This could look like meditation or prayer, it could be a dance that gets you out of your head and into your heart. Just know that the Universe is conspiring FOR you during this time.

Authority vs. Freedom, especially on Christmas Day

This could be further lock downs or greater enforcement for travelers around the holiday, but we are going to have to choose if we are going to submit to the authorities or choose our own freedom. I would encourage you to take a deep breath and not be afraid of it, just realize that you have to feel good about your decision and not turn against the people who don’t agree with you.

Black Swan Event 2021

I wanted to highlight what I think could be a Black Swan event. That term comes from economics, lol, as that’s where my head has been these days. It means that we could have a global crisis, or something similar to 9/11. The planetary alignment is the SAME as that of 9/11. Should we be afraid? No, do not let fear consume you. Choose love, gratitude and compassion everyday to help keep you in higher, positive frequency. What do I think it could be? Maybe something happens to a prominent US figure, or Biden cancels Christmas, maybe the Central Bank Digital currently is rolled out and everyone tries to get their money out of the bank, maybe the stock market crashes, I don’t know but I wanted to mention the possibility.

Dates to Observe

  • Dec 4th Solar eclipse
  • Dec. 15th 9/11 magnitude event? Black Swan Event?
  • Dec 19th Full moon
  • Dec. 21st Winter Solstice 12-21-2021
  • Dec. 25th Christmas Day

Try not to be swayed by the events of the world, in everything, just stay neutral. Make space in your life, daily, weekly and monthly. Have a breathing or meditation practice to quiet your mind.

I want to give credit to my two favorite online astrologers, Pam Gregory and Bracha Goldsmith, and my local astrologer, Sherri Powell. If you’re looking for personal readings, I’d try Sherri as she is wonderful, very inexpensive and available!

Happy December!