Rising Grocery Prices (Price Controls Not Free Market Capitalism)

I read an article yesterday from the Canton Repository on a new Meijer Super Store opening in our Township. This quote struck me and I knew I had to talk about price controls.

Article quote: “When the superstore chain comes to Stark, it will join an area filled with other local grocery stores. The increase in options for consumers could force grocery stores to increase the quality of their products and services to keep up with their competitors, local business experts say.”

Why Not Lower Prices?

The quotes says “increase quality of their products and services” not “lower prices.” Lower prices would be a normal (free market capitalist) response to more grocery stores in the market, also indicating that supply is increasing in the local area, which one would argue is increasing with an addition of a Meijer Superstore here. More options should mean more competitive prices. But no. So why? Government intervention are turning the traditional model of free-market capitalism on it’s head. Money printing, supply chain problems, labor shortages and increased trade deficit (we aren’t making our own goods, we are importing them at alarming rates) will keep higher prices.

If we look at history, it doesn’t end well. Inflation leads to price controls, implemented by the government, and then instead of normal supply/demand equation (free-market capitalism), we get panic and empty shelves. This is a great simple video to explain how that happens: Price System | Free Market vs. Government Intervention Panic and empty shelves leads to civil war, which sucks, and if you’ve read the Fourth Turning or believe in Nature’s wisdom of four seasons, the end of life as we know it will be forthcoming.

We know price controls are possible, even probable. But what if we outsmarted the system and self-corrected our path?  

Instead of Price Controls, Self-Control

Individually, in order to attack this seemingly insurmountable problem, I think we need to stop consuming (more than we produce). Is that even possible in our consumer driven culture? We could up the ante by starting businesses that create more goods and services in the economy.  The past few years I have been sharing my views on “conscious living” and #consciouslifehacks because after all, change starts with us. If we can reduce our consumption and even start businesses that create goods and services, much of this problem will disappear. But what if it doesn’t?

Self-Sufficiency and Food

Collectively, we need to support each other and form actual communities that can trade/barter together, help build and maintain properties, raise animals and grow food. I have been on a path to become more self-sustainable *with the goal of September of 2022) and hope to meet more like minded people along the way. I have done other posts about my Conscious Communities and videos as well, sharing my ideas I have around that, so check them out.

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Thanks for reading, have a great week!