A New Type of Development: The Conscious Community

This is just the beginning. Let me introduce you to a new type of development. I call it a Conscious Community. Here is a video, or keep reading and I’ll unwrap it for you.

The goal is to create a more autonomous, regenerative lifestyle:  reducing our dependence on the system, or the “matrix” as I call it, using trading and bartering, and helping each other.

Each personal property will have a place for gardening, and have the option of group farming in the neighborhood. Each property will be designed for the homeowners to work from home and rely on their conscious community for everything they need beyond what they can produce individually.

This is the beginning of a movement. I would love for you to join me. One way to do that is to like, comment and share on my social media and YouTube videos. Another way to do that is to join my email list on my home page. Thank you for watching!