3-Step Plan to Escape the Matrix

It may sound like tin-foil hat time, as my new favorite YouTuber says… but I am starting to really believe that in not too many years (2 years according to my video) – we will want to live in a more self-sustaining way. Here is the video, I’ll summarize it below.

Essentially, the energy that is on the planet right now will propel us through to 2023 (and that’s coming from my favorite online astrologer, not the one I use for myself.) And so I believe that we are going to want and potentially need to be off-grid and self-sustainable within two years. My three part, two-year plan, comprises of these steps:

Step One: Learn to Grow Your Own Food

You don’t want to starve, right? Me, neither. Also, should civil unrest ensue based on the lack of food or the government randomly shutting down food producers (shocker that’s already starting to happen), you’re going to want to be growing something. And not just weed. Just kidding, that’s a joke directed towards my 16 yo son.

Step two: You’re Going to Need More Money to outrun inflation*

*I have been listening and watching a lot of George Gammon’s YouTube videos

You’re going to want a side-hustle, especially if you’re an employee somewhere and essentially have a fixed income. With all this printing of “funny money” my solution is to make more. So, start a side biz, make a product to sell, or invest in real estate (esp. if you can take out a 30-year fixed rate mortgage on it).

Step three: Connect to a Community with which you can Trade and Barter

I haven’t really heard this anywhere else, that I know of, but I just think going back to a system where we are trading for goods and services can basically tell the FED to take a hike. So, I can bake and cook, and sew and alots of domestic things. I am also an architect, so there’s that. What can you do? OR what can you spend the next two years learning?

Lastly, I refer to escaping the Matrix… and I wanted to direct you to a blog post and audio podcast I did called: “Taking the Red Pill” which is the idea that we can’t UN-see what is going on in the world around us. This was three years ago, when I first recorded the video that I was actually to scared to post TBH and at the time, I was waking up to myself. I was figuring out my truth (separate from what culture, religion and my upbringing had taught me) to establish what I believed and how I needed to live in order to grow and evolve. Listen and read that post: HERE.

Thanks for being here! Hope you enjoy this first white board video I did!