Home Design with Crystals

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There are so many ways to use crystals in your home design, so lets cover a couple different options to help expand your awareness. First up, Red Jasper. It’s great for grounding and protection. Use it in your walls and concrete slabs – no reason to get the polished stone, just put the raw material in the construction.

Next is Carnelian. noted as my signature color 🙂 I love the energy from this crystal. It is perfect for connection, love and creativity. Use it in spaces that represent those values.

Citrine reflects the sun and at the center of purpose and personal power spaces. As with all of these crystals and stones, you don’t have to see it visually to feel the effects of energy amplification. But don’t be shy, using these in fixtures, art and decor is a plus!

Aventurine is a comforter and heart healer. Use this beautiful stone in sacred spaces in your home, specifically the bedrooms and meditation spaces. Can be seen or enclosed in the walls and used for lighting and décor.

Rose quartz is known for its magical, mystical connection to our heart. Use this beautiful stone in sacred spaces in your home, specifically the bedrooms, bathrooms and meditation spaces. Your home doesn’t have to look like a crystal shop though! Crystals are just as effective inside the walls, light fixtures and floors as they are on the outside.

Such a beautiful crystal, amethyst can be used anywhere in your home. This purple stone is especially potent to activate your inner vision. Use it in your sacred spaces (bedroom and meditation corner) as well as the places that connect you to the world. This can be doors and windows, decor and fixtures. It’s such a versatile gemstone.

Sodalite is wonderful for self-expression, trust and self-care. Use this beautiful stone in private spaces like your bathrooms and bedrooms. It is especially useful for elevating the vibration and energy level in creative spaces or home offices. These stones can be seen or enclosed in the walls and used for lighting and décor.

Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals on the earth’s surface. It symbolizes the moon and the power of light. Light activates our human consciousness and assists in connecting us to the Divine. Use it in your home nearly everywhere and amplify love and light in the world

Lastly, and possibly my favorite, is aquamarine. It is a symbol of water and flow. Use it to speak and live your truth.

I hope you enjoyed this playful post. I think at the heart of using crystals in your home is how they make you feel. You don’t have to use rose quartz in your bedroom, use it wherever it makes you feel joy. If you would like to discuss your new home or creating a more conscious existing  home, please contact me to schedule a free discovery call. 

Much love and Namaste!