2018 Winter Solstice

Tonight is the longest night of the year, and conversely, the shortest day of the year. It is the Winter Solstice and it brings with it a beautiful full moon.

Back a few years ago I only really knew about the equinox and solstice ‘events’ because of the calendar year seasonal change (as in, it was marked on my calendars!). Then I was introduced to yoga and it seemed fitting to do yoga on the summer solstice, as a way to kick off summer. It wasn’t more than that, just another day.

Since my conscious awakening two years ago, I have opened myself up to everything the Universe has to show me during this seasonal shift and cosmic realignment. Don’t worry, I don’t worship the sun or moon, or anything, I am just open to how I feel during these times.

I have since realized that I enjoy a more relaxed, flow state around the time of a full moon. I replenish and heal, in all areas of my life. During the new moon I am invigorated with energy and take action, embracing my purpose and living it out.

Does this mean you need to do what I do? No. But you can be more aware of how you are feeling and reflect on these ideas. Maybe even
realize you may be going through similar cycles as the cosmos because you are made from star dust.

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