Residences at the Greens are Not Senior Housing

I was as surprised as you probably were when housing started going in east of the new Meijer store in Jackson Township. There was a lot of misinformation around this development so I created this infographic to help people see the truth. Spoiler alert, it’s not senior housing. This is a segment from an article by Edd Pritchard in the Canton Repository, read full article here. Why does it matter? Jackson residents would never want a high-density apartment complex. This one is 124 units and 20 buildings total. Township residents have come out to oppose many developments like this because it adds to the very full schools (Lake Cable Elementary will be getting these kids), already congested traffic and drain* on our township resources. *I complied a study of high-density development compared to single-family homes and they do not generate the tax revenue to pay for township services, so it costs the township money. Can be found here. I also verified with the leasing office that they are not age restricted.   I have also included a link for the HUD Fair housing act identifying requirements for 55+ communities. From that website, here are the requirements to make it “senior living”: Our township deserves better than the administration that’s currently in there. We need someone who will listen to the residents and act on their behalf, for the betterment of the community, to preserve the Jackson that we all love. Amy