Composting – Tips for Your Kitchen Bowl or Bucket

I have had such a love/hate relationship with composting… I can’t even. But then I committed to it, and have had great success.
I even have a tip for you (if you’re like me and run into problems)!
I keep a bowl w/lid on my counter and besides kitchen scraps, I put coffee grounds in it daily. They add too much moisture and keep the bowl stinky. ? My kids wouldn’t even open it to put anything in. So, here’s what I do now.
I have a container I keep near nearby with a 1/2 paper towel or small wash cloth; where I set my coffee grounds for the day to dry out before I add them to my compost. Swipe for the pic—->
I actually only add the filters and paper towel (weekly) to the compost, I’ve been keeping the grounds separate to use straight on my soil for nitrogen.
Keeping all the coffee grounds, food scraps out of the landfill helps the planet more than driving a Tesla*.
*That is a made up statistic and joke, but probably true.  It does sequester carbon in the soil and prevents methane from escaping into our environment from the landfills. Those are #facts from the EPA, FYI
So, back to the original question: Do you compost? I’d love to hear your stories